Light Metals Centre BV
Metaalpark 2
9936 BV Delfzijl
The Netherlands
T +31(0)596 634 744
F +31(0)596 634 757 


Knowledge and research centre for science and industry

The Light Metals Centre (LMC) is an independent research facility with a focus on the light metals industry. The LMC facilitates research and small-scale commercial production for clients from Universities, Science Institutes and Industry. The LMC also initiates research projects and encourages cooperation between knowledge centres and industry.

The LMC has a wide range of specialised research and production equipment available:

  • HIP & CP Unit (2,000 bar)
  • Test Foundry (capacity 300 Kg)
  • Meltspinning facility (capacity 300 Kg)
  • Research Lab for Metallurgy
  • Heat Treatment equipment
  • Fatigue and Test Bench
  • Forging, Extrusion and Conform