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The Netherlands
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The LMC is the only Research facility in the Netherlands who both have a Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) and a Cold Isostatic Press (CIP) available for research and productions activities. With both HIP and CIP it is possible to produce homogenous products from metal powders or ceramics. The high pressure high temperature HIP Unit makes it also possible to produce MMC like products and to compact castings after production.
The LMC Units are suitable for research, development and small-scale series production.

HIP Unit (Hot Isostatic Press) CIP Unit (Cold Isostatic Press)
Max. Pressure: 2.000 bar: Max. Pressure 2.000 bar
Max. Temp: 1.450░C Max. Temp: 50░C
Content: 5,5 litres (°152mm x 305mm) Content: 18 litres (°200mm x 600mm)

Applications HIP & CIP include:

  • Compaction of Castings (aerospace components)
  • Production of MMC components
  • Production of Powder Metallurgy components
  • Compaction of ceramic or metal powders and sintering