Light Metals Centre BV
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The Netherlands
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The LMC has direct access to 4 Meltspinning installations in a variety of sizes. Ranging from a laboratory vacuum unit for the production of very special alloys (output from 50 to 100 grams), a small production unit for batches up to 20 Kg to a commercial production unit (Output 300 Kg).

During the meltspinning process the liquid metal hits a rotating copper wheel. The forced cooling (more than 1,000,000 ˚ C per second), "freezes" the liquid material and creates alloys with an exceptionally homogeneous and fine microstructure and specifications.

The meltspinning technology makes it possible to develop new alloys and materials with better specifications, both in Aluminium as well as Magnesium or other metals. The LMC facilitates research and alloying for meltspinning to industrial and scientific customers.